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With contributions from:
[Fondazione Cariplo]

Ambrosian liturgy

Liturgical books

» The Ambrosian missal
     Chapter I
     Chapter II
     Chapter III
     Chapter IV
     Chapter V
     Chapter VI
     Chapter VII
     Chapter VIII
     Chapter IX
     The calendar

» Ambrosian Liturgy of the Hours
     Chapter I

» Ambrosian Liturgy of the Hours in latin
     Chapter I
     Chapter II
     Chapter III
     Chapter IV
     Chapter V

» The funeral rite
     Pastoral orientations
     Alternatives expressions

» The Evangeliarium
     The Gospel in the salvation history and in the Church life
     The Evangeliarium in the liturgical celebrations
     The sung proclamation of the Gospel
     The Evangeliarium configuration

» Ambrosian lectionary 2008
     Decreto di promulgazione Documento PDF

» Ambrosian lectionary 1976-2008
     Liturgy of the Word
     Celebrazione della vigilia di Natale Documento PDF
     Celebrazione della Epifania Documento PDF
     Celebrazione della vigilia di Pentecoste Documento PDF

» Antifonale semplice. Canti ambrosiani
     Lettera prefatoria e Orientamenti e note per l'uso Documento PDF

Liturgical education

» Schede varie
     The proclamation of the Gospel in the dialogue form
     The celebration of the Good Friday

     The celebration
     The proclamation of the Word
     The presidency office
     The reader
     The commentator

     From the Church, for the Church, in the Church
     The Word, the altar, the singing
     To Know, to plan, to celebrate

» Schede in lingua inglese
     Ambrosian Liturgy and Rite

Liturgical material

» Dossier sulla liturgia ambrosiana
     The Praeconium
     Dossier on the V. Eucharistic Prayer
     Dossier on the VI Eucharistic Prayer

» Documenti sulla musica sacra
     Chirograph for the centenary of the Motu proprio ”Tra le sollecitudini” (scarica il .pdf)
     Apostolic letter on the 40th anniversary of the constitution “Sacrosantum Concilium” (scarica il .pdf)
     The role of the music in the plan «Instaurare omnia in Christo» (scarica il .pdf)

» Proposte di animazione liturgica
     Lent - suggestions for songs
     Lent - suggestions for organists
     Easter - suggestions for organists
     Ordinary time - suggestions for songs
     Ordinary time - suggestions for organists

» Liturgia e spiritualità
     Christian life and the Lord’s day
     Liturgy, history and theology

» Canto Ambrosiano
     Grammatica di Canto Ambrosiano a cura di G.M. Sunyol Documento PDF
     La voce "Canto ambrosiano" di Moneta Caglio sul Dizionario della musica Larousse Documento PDF


     Frammento di S. Maurizio (scarica il .pdf)                                                                                                                                          
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