Höhere Ausbildung

University masters are academic titles which, at the end of a specific course of study, certify particular knowledge and competences in well-defined study or professional domains.
PIAMS academic programme provides a range of Higher education courses (Master course) designed to meet training needs of new graduates in humanities and musicological and technical disciplines, as well as graduates in musical disciplines.
They even meet needs of people already active in the world of musical liturgical-musical or extra liturgical production and want to broaden and enhance their skills on specific topics.
So four different master courses of level 1 and 2 lasting two years are proposed:
Master course after level 1 (only who is in possession of a bachelor’s degree or a university diploma of level 1, or other legally equivalent qualifications can be admitted):

Master course after level 2 (only who is in possession of a Master’s degree or a university diploma of level 2, or other legally equivalent qualifications can be admitted):
Each course lasts at least one year and the achievement of at least 60 credits is planned for each year.
Master classes are planned in addition to master courses. They are special study and retraining opportunities addressed to qualified people and which are interested in refining their skills under the musical, artistic and teaching point of view.
Two different master classes are therefore proposed:
According to the course typology, students are led to the monographic improvement of a specific typology of repertoire through the examination of its languages and styles also in function of the liturgical use. In addition to this, students face the interpretative dimension in an advanced way in the light of the coeval performance practice.