Propedeutica musicale

The Preparatory music course is mainly addressed to people wishing to be admitted to institutional (academic) or professionalizing (structured) courses of PIAMS and need to acquire all necessary competences or to formally validate those already acquired in order to be allowed to attend next education levels. It is also addressed to people wishing to approach the musical practice without having any previous preparation.
The course of studies is divided into different levels of competence and is aimed to provide the student with the necessary skills to read the music and with a correct approach to the singing and/or to keyboard instruments, with particular attention to the progressive development of technical skills, the musical sensitivity, and sound control.
Three different courses of studies which last overall three years altogether (6 semesters) are planned for the preparatory education:

The three years course in Piano on in Vocality is a necessary requirement to attend the School for liturgical-musical animators (SALM) – course of study for Musicians for the liturgy / Music animators, while the one in Music reading assures to students required competences to be admitted to Undergraduate academic courses (Baccalaureate) of the philological-musicological area (Disciplines of sacred music) and technical-musical area (Organ engineering and manufacture).