Teaching offer

Free courses

Free courses represent the extracurricular academic programme of PIAMS. They include different subjects and are run by qualified, highly experienced, well-known teachers. Free courses are divided into five distinct areas: Musical language, Musicology, Practical Music, Ambrosian Sciences and Technology and Management.


» Musical language:



Elements of Harmony 

» Practical Music:

Chitarra classica 

Direzione di coro 

Diction and voice training 

Choral training 

Organ improvisation 

Introduction to Ambrosian and Gregorian chant 

Lettura della partitura 



Contemporary vocal techniques 


» Musicology:

Estetica e trattatistica musicale medievale e rinascimentale 

Introduction to musical philology 

Music listening workshop 

General research methodology 

Renaissance polyphonic notation 

Storia del rito e del canto beneventano 

» Ambrosian Sciences:

Introduction to Ambrosian liturgy 

Liturgical Latin 

History of the Ambrosian chant 

» Technology and Management:

Musical computer science 

Organ building 

Organization and management of cultural events