Teaching offer

Study weeks

During the academic year PIAMS promotes a series of Study weeks in order to advance the liturgical-musical culture and the thinking on Ambrosian rite and chant. Each Study week is thought for a limited number of students, with an amount reserved for foreigners. Sessions take place from Monday afternoon to Friday morning (10.00am - 1.00pm and 2.30pm - 5.30pm) and lessons are provided in Italian with the possibility of a linguistic support for foreign hosts in the previous week. Further information on the programme will be available on the website.

» Liturgical bibliology

The complexity and the extent of the liturgical material kept in the libraries often discourages sector professionals. The initiative aims to provide them and lovers with the essential knowledge and skills to identify, describe and correctly catalogue liturgical works.

» Organ engineering

The initiative is specifically thought for the professional retraining of specialists working in organ design, building and restoration sectors, as well as of professionals responsible for conserving and enhancing this important element of the musical heritage and of people interested in the creation of its architectural places.

» Medicine for musicians

The musicianís perfection is obtained through great efforts and a long learning period. The initiative develops a procedure providing participants with some instruments for promoting psychological well-being and a greater self-awareness, both in the particular area of the selected artistic-musical profession and in other areas of life.