Teaching offer

Short courses

Small monographic cycles of lessons dedicated to interdisciplinary topics among music, liturgy, literature and history, addressed to a public with wide cultural interests.

"LAVER SON LINGE SALE EN FA ET EN MI". Study methodologies of piano music

An opportunity to know the key approaches to the study of piano with the aid of the latest discoveries of the Psychodidactics and Neurosciences. The aim is to achieve an ever more mature and conscious independence in setting up and performing a piece at the piano.

"TRITT IM ARSCH". Mozart and Colloredo behind the curtains

The troubled history of the relationship between the Salzburg Archbishop and the famous composer is reconsidered in the light of a revolutionary pastoral letter and its spread in European circles.


Un'opportunità -- pensata specialmente per la formazione dei docenti di Educazione musicale -- per conoscere in generale il funzionamento e le caratteristiche della voce, e soprattutto di riconoscere il proprio strumento vocale e di scoprirne le potenzialità attraverso un uso consapevole.