Teaching offer

Ministerial education and training

PIAMS was founded "to come to the aid of choirs of basilicas, prevostships, parishes and linked music chapels of the archdiocese", and therefore has always showed a particular attention to basic pastoral bodies (parishes, pastoral units and communities, deaneries or vicariates, religious communities, …) of the Archdiocese of Milan, and not only these ones.
The Institute provides first of all a basic course, which is thought for the training of people who already exercise, or want to exercise, a liturgical ministry, and for liturgical operators in general:

The School for liturgical-musical animators (SALM) provides a two-year course geared to the complete training of people in charge with a liturgical service mainly in the domains of music, singing, proclamation and animation of celebrating assemblies, for a competent exercise of their own ministry.
Two specialized courses are proposed:

In each year of course an assisted teaching activity (frontal lessons and laboratories) is provided for 130 hours of collective lessons in the main subjects of interest and 26 individual instrument or vocality lessons, which are mandatory or optional according to the chosen course of studies.
At the end of the prescribed course of studies, the certificate of Liturgical animator in the chosen specialisation is issued. It is not an university qualification, but offers a number of credits equal to that required for European diplomas Short cycle or for C-Ausbildung diplomas.

Different types of personalized Lifelong Learning Programmes (PERFORMA) are then proposed to educate and train communities to the ecclesial participation and foster the co-responsibility of lay people under the service and communion point of view, and to qualify and support in the community the useful commitment and irreplaceable activity of several people which are designed to exercise a service in the liturgical celebration and to encourage and train new liturgical ministries: