Teaching offer

Teaching offer

Academic year 2020/2021

For 75 years the Pontifical Ambrosian Institute of Sacred Music (PIAMS) has been a research centre of academic nature with scientific, teaching and pastoral aims in the liturgical-musical area, which gives particular attention to the Ambrosian rite and chant. The Institute, founded in 1931 by the blessed cardinal A.I. Schuster, archbishop of Milan, was raised according to the rules by the Holy See in 1940 and nowadays is – similarly to the Pontifical Institute of Sacred Music in Rome, which is consociated with – an Institute «ad instar facultatis» and it is authorized to confer university qualifications with canonical validity. These qualifications are recognized in all those countries, with which the Holy See has diplomatic relations.


» Preparatory music courses

The Preparatory music course is addressed both to people wishing to start to learn the music practice without any previous qualifications, and, as a support, to people who intend to enrol to PIAMS institutional courses or other structured education initiatives.


JUniPIAMS è un programma di apertura della realtà formativa accademica a bambini e ragazzi di età compresa fra i 6 e i 14 anni pensato per sviluppare la loro curiosità e il loro senso critico, valorizzare i loro interessi e le loro doti senza le consuete forme di pressione esercitate dalla didattica, e per favorire lo sviluppo della loro identità vocazionale professionale.

» Academic courses

I corsi preaccademici offrono agli studenti una formazione progressiva che, attraverso la maturazione di livelli crescenti di competenza articolati in due periodi di studio (base: 3; inferiore: 2 anni), fornisce all'allievo la preparazione utile per l'accesso ai corsi accademici.

» Structured courses

The professionalizing (structured) courses of study aim at providing students with a technical competence verified and certified. Each course is divided into three levels of variable duration depending on the discipline characteristic. Access to structured courses is done through an aptitude or admission test, designed to determine the level of expertise possessed by the candidate.

» Academic courses

Since 1940 PIAMS is a university centre licensed to grant all the academic degrees which the current canon system envisages. PIAMS qualifications are granted under the control of the Apostolic See. They are recognized in all the countries, with which the Holy See has diplomatic relations

» Higher education

Their objective is to develop specific competences and abilities in the field of the music for the liturgy according to the ritual plans and the liturgical books of the post- Second Vatican Council era.

» Ministerial education and training

This path is dedicated to individual pastoral realities (i.e. parishes, pastoral communities, deaneries or vicarious, religious communities, etc ...) of the Archdiocese of Milan -- but not only -- for training at different levels those who are already in practice or they're willing to perform a liturgical ministry, and liturgical operators in general.

» Free courses

Free courses represent the extracurricular academic programme of PIAMS. They include different subjects and are run by qualified, highly experienced, well-known teachers. Free courses are divided into five distinct areas: Musical language, Musicology, Practical Music, Ambrosian Sciences and Technology and Management.

» Short courses

Small monographic cycles of lessons dedicated to interdisciplinary topics among music, liturgy, literature and history, addressed to a public with wide cultural interests.

» Study weeks

During the academic year PIAMS promotes a series of study weeks in order to advance the liturgical-musical culture and the thinking on Ambrosian rite and chant. Each Week is thought for a limited number of students, with an amount reserved for foreigners.

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